Signposts Primary Schools Work

Growing a generation to be the best they can be, helping them to flourish and develop as they grow.

Signposts deliver assembly ‘tours’ to infant, junior and primary schools  at Christmas and Easter. The team also deliver a summer Year 6 Transition Tour that helps to connect students from Signposts to Cohesion Schools Work.

Our feedback...

Great balance of games – which all related well to the topic – and talk.

Excellent quality games.

Very child centred and relevant to all children.

Superb presentation by Pete. He really captures the children’s attention and imagination.

An excellent workshop that I would recommend for all Year 6 pupils.

We think your material and delivery is perfect.

There is a lovely balance between slides and information, games and activities and the child featured in the video clips is brilliant.

The children responded really well and the whole assembly was highly relevant to them.” 

A selection of comments we have received as feedback from the tours this year.