About Farnham Schools Work

Signposts was established in 2012. It included 22 people from 12 church congregations across Farnham.

On launching it delivered assemblies and lessons to 11 schools receiving positive and encouraging feedback for the work it was doing.

The team continued to develop resources and from Easter term 2013 offered an Easter tour supported by volunteers from 10 different churches but now with a move towards the material being largely delivered by a core team.

The team continued to develop, writing an exciting Christmas tour 2013 that visited 15 primary schools.

Easter 2014 saw a new challenge for the team as Hugo Anson, who had co-ordinated the work from the beginning, had to step down from the role. As a strategic response the ‘assemblon’ was devised. This was a combination of an assembly and lesson and the team stepped up to deliver this new ‘assemblon’ which schools loved and drew praise from everyone who participated.

In May 2014 Amber Delves was appointed the new co-ordinator and has been employed to develop the project further...

Cohesion is a network of Christian youth workers, ministers and volunteers; delivering schools work in Farnham.

Cohesion has a vision seeks to engage and equip students in Farnham to explore the Christian faith in a relevant way.

  • Farnham has a community of approximately 3,500 secondary school aged youngsters. 

  • Churches reach approximately 10% of these young people and about 50% of these profess a faith in Jesus (175 young people).

  • As a townwide project Cohesion can represent the whole church of Farnham to students and staff in secondary schools.

Farnham has secondary schools that are keen to engage with the Christian community. By working together, the Christian community can offer excellent assemblies, RE and PHSE lessons, detached youth work and other services as resources for shools.

Cohesion also seeks to signpost young people to other Christian youth work across the town, helping them to engage with Christianity in a relevant way.

Cohesion has a number of advantages, firstly it is a town wide profile for Christian youth work and local churches. As well a providing an opportunity to communicate the gospel to young people in a relevant way.