Some useful links to projects and youth groups in Farnham:

Chantrys Youth

Chantrys Youth is a local youth group, run on the Chantrys estate by volunteers from Jubilee Church for young people aged 11 - 18. We meet weekly on Wednesdays during term times from 6.30 - 8pm at the Chantrys Community Centre.

We also run extra trips and have recently been to Guildford Spectrum and Thorpe Park. At present we have a youth cafe, table tennis, table football, music, games consoles and a good quality craft activity, as well as a chill out space to hang out with your mates.

Wrecclesham Youth

Wrecclesham Youth is a local youth group, run at the Wrecclesham Community Hall for young people aged 11 - 18. We meet weekly on Mondays during term times from 6.30 - 8pm.


40 Degreez Centre is a one stop shop meeting the needs of young people in Farnham with youth clubs, holiday workshops, courses, sports, one to one learning programmes, residential outings, drop in skills learning and accreditation opportunities plus much more. It’s an awesome place to be to meet new friends, learn new skills and get some useful advice.

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Church Youth Groups in Farnham

  • Youth (Jubilee Church Farnham)
  • Captivated Youth (Farnham Vinyard, Weybourne Baptist and Frensham Baptist)
  • 7up (St Thomas on the Bourne)
  • Youth (Farnham Baptist Church)

Orison Prayer Spaces

Orison is an interactive spiritual experience, encouraging people of all ages to engage with prayer using creative, hands on activities.

Orison have worked townwide in Farnham for a number of years providing interactive, engaging and exciting prayer spaces in schools. They have worked in Primary as well as Secondary schools and continue to provide the experience to many young children.

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