Year 7 Introductions

Theme: Do not judge a book by its cover nor people by their appearance. Making friends and getting to know new people.

Easter, putting the Easter egg back

Theme: The Easter Story and restoring our relationship with God.

Making a stand

Theme: The cost of sacrifice and what it achieves.


Theme: Friendship

Justice; global village

Theme: Justice and the poor on a global scale.

Thermostat and Thermometer

Theme: Peer Pressure.

Poor man’s World Cup

Theme: Exploring the effect of a World Cup on an impoverished Brazilian nation.

Rubbish and the £10 note

Theme: Valuing ourselves and one another.

Christmas Tree; preparing for Christmas - KitKat

Theme: Christmas – contrasting traditions with the central story of Jesus’ birth.

Finishing Well

Theme: Using Olympic athletes stories of how they finished well (or not) and exploring the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to Timothy to run the race.


Theme: Heroism

What r u Running from?

Theme: Fear

Failing to win

Theme: How we deal with failure is as important as striving for success.

The ABC of Character

Theme: An encouragement to grow in our character.

Valentine’s Day

Theme: Looking at the life of the Earl of Shaftsbury as his monument in Piccadilly is often miscalled ‘Eros’.

Real Strength

Theme: Contrasting physical strength with strength of character and challenging students that in our own strength neither are effective. Exploring the Christian understanding of doing things in God’s strength.