Using video and stories the team present evidence of miracles affecting individuals and then explore why we accept or reject the possibility of miracles happening based on our worldview.

Churches working Together

The team help students explore what church really is; a gathering of followers of Jesus. Using the ‘Great Commission’ we help the students consider what church is meant to do; then and now. Finally the team present examples of how churches work together today.

Communion and Worship

By interviewing local ministers the team present the rich variety of how communion is celebrated across the church and the central unifying story that is remembered every time communion is shared. The team then explain how communion is one of many ways churches worship God and go on to look at those different ways.

War and Peace

Thanks to the Army Chaplaincy Team at the Aldershot Garrison we are able to invite Chaplains on active duty with front line experience to talk about the subject with the authority of living out their faith in a war zone.


The team look at the philosophical challenges of suffering and seek to help students consider answering the question of how a good God can allow suffering.

The Bible

A mixture of presentation, competition and activities that invite students to look with fresh eyes at the Bible and explore its value to people today.