Easter Tour

Easter can be a tricky topic to teach, especially with younger children. At Signposts we aim to bring an engaging and relevant perspective to the Easter story.

The delivery team present a lively and fun ‘assemblon’– an interactive presentation that is somewhere between a lesson and an assembly. The optimum group size is three classes but, the material is flexible enough to adapt to the individual needs of the school.

The material is written to be delivered to key stage 1 and key stage 2 separately, allowing for it to be age appropriate.


The KS1 ‘assemblon’ uses puppets, games, stories and songs to encourage children to think about the theme, such as 'The Surprising Swap'(2014)’ and 'The mystery of The Empty Tomb' 2015. 

KS2 also look at Easter through the themes with drama, songs, activities. The older children then had the opportunity to explore and reflect on their thoughts further during a carousel of short activities.

It is hoped that each year we can bring a fresh and new perspective to the story for children that are already familiar with it. However the material will also cover the basic outlines for children with less confidence in knowing the Easter story.